I hate you

Hate you,
ruin my wonderful Christmas,

Hate you,
make things goes much more worse,

Hate you,
act like a child,

Hate you,
not behave mature,

Hate you,
disturb my life,

Hate you,
keep finding excuses to revenge,

Hate you,
Acting good but you’re not,

Hate you,
Being so concern; not sincere,

Hate you,
come into my life and ruin it.





Thank you

Thank you for dislike me,
I know myself isn’t that great,
I not the perfect one,
I not the greatest one,
even not the best one.

Rainy day,
It is Saturday,
Driving through the highway,
I see no sun ray.

Staring out the window,
I see rain drop slide over



Chelsea 🙂


That was his decision,
its late to know,
can’t stop,
its truth now,
accept is an option.

Goodbye friend,
wish you all the best…



“Look at this photograph, every time it makes me laugh”

<Photograph> by Nickelback

Photo is a memory,

bitter or sweet,

depends how it affect to the feelings,

smile, cry, laugh, hug,

just expression from heart,

come to the body language.

I started to miss them,

I miss you all…

Will we meet again?

Chelsea 🙂


It all come crashing down,

the distance between you and me,

is getting far and far away,

I don’t blame,

you just don’t understand,

I got my way of thinking,

you want me to be like you,

I am who I am,

not changing for someone else.


I see… the ugly & pretty

Its been a long time,
Stepping into this society,
I see the ugly,
The most evil side of human,
and demanding for higher,
I see the pretty,
Helping each other to get things done,
and gather together.

I guess,
this is how the world will be,
so we learn to survive.


Chelsea 🙂